Enabling a unique
home-buying experience

We bring to people the opportunity to enjoy exclusive luxury vacation while earning additonal returns

About Us

A home for all

FracSpace enables a unique home-buying experience through the channel of Fractional Investment and ownership in private & domestic real estate. We bring to people the opportunity to enjoy exclusive luxury vacation while earning additonal returns

Our Mission

Easy, transparent and outstanding affair with the help of innovation that our people wish to experience.

Our Vision

To make real estate accessible & affordable to everyone while upgrading the standard of living.

FracSpace Defined

Fracspace enables real estate enthusiasts to own a fraction of their chosen property through Fractional ownership. Fracspace also enables people to enjoy an interest in a luxury property. Building diversified real-estate portfolios, as well as having all the benefits of a operation company to take care of the property, fractional holders generally have a direct interest in the value of the asset and our aim is to profit from any appreciation in the property value.

1 Frac = ₹ 10,00,000

Fracs are created in a manner to insure the holders get maximum operation rights and optimum reimbursement yields for a fiscal time.



Earn Rental Yields
Quaterely(10% p.a.)


Maintained and Operated by Fracspace


Exit Anytime at your property's present Value


Earn a BROI until posession

Why Choose Us ?

Every Proud Frac owner has integration and earning rights. You're entitled to rental earnings, asset appreciation and much more. FracSpace encourages its holders to be a part of dream properties, and more than that. Whether you're looking to fractionally own a holiday home to commercial properties, Fracspace is your affordable option to own a diversified portfolio of properties across India.

Our Services

  • Devoted housekeeping platoon and 24/7 concierge services.
  • Expansive marketing of units when available for rent.
  • Collecting the rent and any late freights from guest.
  • Detailing the condition of the property ahead and after a tenant moves into or out of the property.
  • Managing escrow services similar as serviceability, levies and property insurance.
  • Reselling individual Fracs to interested investors and buyers group at FracSpace
  • Easy Exit or Liquidation

Sell, Gift &

The best gift for your closed ones. No restriction on selling, gifting, and transferring of Fracs. One can gift a frac to his family and cousins or transfer of Fracs is also available via tone- made deals for a Frac owner.

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