2 BHK Villa with a Private Pool | Jacuzzi | 535 sq yards | 1600 Sq Ft


    Srisailam highway, HYDERABAD






    40% completed


    October 2024


    8% +


    2N & 3D / Year / Frac

About this Property

The mind reaches its peak productivity, focus, and alertness when it is in a relaxed state. And what could provide a better ambiance for relaxation than nature itself, with its lush greens and enchanting gardens, which serve as habitats for birds? Working in harmony with nature can be a game-changer. At Dates County, you have the opportunity to work from any location within the connected greens at any time of the day. Simply pack up your work devices and venture into the refreshing green zones of Dates County, where you can experience a surge of creative inspiration and achieve astonishing productivity throughout your workday or weekend.

This charming villa offers a perfect blend of comfort and luxury, featuring a well-designed layout that maximizes space utilization. The thoughtfully crafted interiors provide a cozy living experience, complemented by modern amenities and stylish finishes. The highlight of this villa is the private pool, where you can unwind and indulge in leisurely moments of relaxation. Its convenient location near Srisailam Highway offers easy access to nearby amenities, making it an ideal abode for those seeking a serene yet well-connected lifestyle.

Distinctive Amenities

  • Private Pool
  • Power Backup for Common Area
  • 24*7 Security
  • CCTV Security System
  • Organic Food

Fracspace Standard Amenities

  • Devoted Housekeeping Platoon and 24/7 Concierge Services
  • Expansive Marketing for Rental Units
  • Rent Collection and Guest Management
  • Property Condition Documentation
  • Easy Exit or Liquidation Options

About Fracspace

Fracspace offers an exciting chance for real estate enthusiasts to become partial owners of their dream properties. Our fractional ownership model allows you to own a share of a luxury property and enjoy its perks. Through diverse real estate portfolios, fractional owners have a stake in the property's value, potentially benefiting from its appreciation. Fracspace also manages all property operations through a dedicated company, ensuring convenience and peace of mind. Discover the delight of owning a fraction of a luxury property and reaping its value appreciation rewards with Fracspace.

Frac Price- $ 6,250 / ₹ 5,00,000