Below are essential points regarding your Fractional Ownership with FRACSPACE. Please review each point alongside the detailed Terms & Conditions for full comprehension.

  • I/we comprehend the Terms and Conditions of the selected special offer at the time of signing up to purchase FRACSPACE.
  • I/We acknowledge that I/we have read the Terms and Conditions regarding the purchase and usage of FRACSPACE’s Fractional Ownership, as well as the Terms and Conditions related to the ownership, and agree to comply with them. We have received all necessary clarifications and information regarding FRAC Ownership.
  • I/We comprehend that any payment I/we make will initially be allocated to the Booking Fees, with any remaining balance allocated toward the entitlement fees.
  • /We acknowledge that in case of my/our cancellation request, Fracspace reserves the right to deduct cancellation charges as outlined in the Terms and Conditions. Only the remaining balance will be refunded. The booking amount serves as "Earnest Money"; in the event of cancellation after payment, Fracspace will forfeit 10% of the "Earnest Money". However, there is a seven-day free look period from the Onboarding date.
  • I/We acknowledge that I/we will become a FRAC Owner of FRACSPACE only upon the full realization of the entire amount and the two installments of the chosen Payment Plan. This entitles me/us to the benefits of FRACSPACE Ownership, including a 6% BROI (Bank Rate of Interest) until property possession and a guaranteed rental yield of 10% per annum.
  • I/We acknowledge that I/We the Fractional Owner of FRACSPACE may choose to exit this agreement at any time with a 60 day notice period.
  • I/We comprehend that in the event of any name transfers or gift, it may take up to 7 working days to transfer to be reflected.
  • I/We affirm that SPV shall be formed consequent to all the units of a particular property having been sold out.
  • I/We acknowledge that the BROI (Bank Rate of Interest) will be applicable only after complete payment is done by the Fractional Owner or Shareholder of the property. All documentation will be delivered once the entire payment has been completed.
  • I/We comprehend that Fracspace is responsible for property maintenance. Hence, I/we recognize that Fracspace will deduct 30% from the generated rentals for the property maintenance, distributing the remaining 70% among the property shareholders. Importantly, this maintenance cost will not impact the guaranteed 10% return on the investment amount.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

  • Users must provide accurate payment information and use only legally owned cards/accounts. Fracspace does not store users' payment details. Failed transactions due to lack of authorization or interruptions will not be processed, and erroneous charges will be refunded. Users are responsible for fraudulent card use and must provide evidence to dispute it; Fracspace is not liable for such incidents.
  • In the event of a transaction failure due to bank authorization issues or any interruption, it will be deemed unsuccessful, and no orders will proceed. Erroneous charges during failed transactions will be refunded. Users are solely responsible for any fraudulent card use and must provide evidence to refute it. Fracspace cannot be held responsible for such matters.